Over Work On a National Holiday…. No, it isnt a typo

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2nd October is the birthday of the FATHER OF OUR NATION Mahatma Gandhi Ji, and this time its also Eid, a prominent Muslim festival. NSIT, the host college of our institute IIIT is on a holiday, so are many other educational and professional organizations, but poor us, we have double the no. of classes on this day, to add to the pain!!! God save us all..



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Well, I have joined IIIT Delhi… The first batch of this soon-to-be great institute of technology in the heart of the city. Its on similar lines to the highly successful IIIT – Hyderabad (Not on the models of IIIT Ahemdabad). But, since the Delhi Govt. decided to name it INDRAPRASTHA INST OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and not INTERNATIONAL INST OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, people are thinking that its affiliated to INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY, Delhi which is not such a prestigious name in technical education.

Due to this fact, and more that this is the very first year of the institute and there are no placement stats or rankings available about it, the people are very doubtful about even the authenticity of the institute, let alone its future success. And this is very sad. The Director, respected professor Pankaj Jalote, whose name needs no introduction to people who matter, had to reassure the parents attending counselling that it was worth joining.

People also made a very big issue of the lack of UGC and AICTE recognition of the institute, which is not important as its a state university fully allowed to grant its own degrees like DU or IITs. Professor Jalote had to bear with all the non-believers’ relentless queries, and he did so very humbly. Despite the fact that it is starting in NSIT(Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology) which is also a Govt. institute and the most prestigious in Delhi (Except IIT), people even linked the institute to the gas pipeline suppliers Indraprastha Gas Limited.

So, what is the people’s problem? Isnt “Indraprastha” a word worthy of good vibes? Indraprastha was what Delhi was called earlier and thus its the best name to have for a IIIT Delhi, but people think “International” was a much better word to use. Why? Coz its an English word? Maybe yes, or maybe coz there is the Indraprastha University(IPU) which has a sort of lesser reputation.

To top this confusion, professort Jalote also said very honestly that the campus isnt about to be bulit up before 2 years atleast, there is 0 faculty owned by the institute and the schedule will be very off hours. People doubted even more, and they doubt it even today, even though the people at NSIT acknowledge that this institute will grow good and fast.

But there are people who arent blind enough to let this opportunity slip and we have people leaving top IP colleges, NIT Kurukshetra andother quite okay institutes to join IIIT Delhi. Some of them joined it just to be in their city, but some have faith that this will prove to be a smart choice after these 4 years.

Yes, our schedule is crazy, with 7 hours of time to kill between classes; Yes, we dont have our own professors; Yes, we dont have our own campus; but who cares? We have got plenty to do in the 7 hours; We have got top professors from NSIT and IIT DELHI willing and teaching us, so we have better faculty than any other Delhi college, period. We have got whatever we need inside the NSIT campus itself, and in India, a little bit of adjustement has to be done anywhere.

Even after pointing out these facts, combined with the stature of the people in responsibility of the institute, people still dont believe. My own maternal uncle says, “Dekh Lo, Kahi baad me achanak ye naa bol de ki ye sab to film ki shooting chal rahi thi there was no such thing as IIIT here” And what can I say? I have got nothing to prove my point and my faith. Mind you, this faith isnt just blind faith, its a firm belief based on my logical reasoning and that of people who have been in the field of technical education for years more than I have lived, and those who have seen the IITs shape up.

So, for all fellow IIITians, do not panic or worry when people doubt our institute. When any great scientist proposed that something could be done, people laughed at them, and declared them mad but when they showed the results they bowed and saluted them. This is the case, the mouths of the non-believers wont shut until we smack the stats after 4 years on their sorry faces!! So, we just have to do our best and make IIIT-D a proud institute, the BEST in Delhi and then in India and take our righteous revenge! So, with this great dream, LETS ROCK GUYZ!

Never Say Goodbye

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The very first time I saw you

I got to know you were sweet,

And I was eagerly waiting

for the day we got to meet,

that day changed my life forever,

And I became yours forever

I recall the time I spent with you,

when I was your dearest one

that was the best part of my life,

but now my hard times have begun

The truth is in front of me and it stings,

suddenly my fate has new offerings

So sad, so betrayed so cheated…

not by you, but by my own heart

and on top of it, you’ve to depart…

No matter, if my heart wants to cry


Friends never say goodbye

Friends never say goodbye


The sand of time slipped away

in front of my very own eyes,

It seems like its departure of the joy

inspite of my endless tries,

You have chosen your own way

and I dont know what to say

You just seemed so far from me

even when you were here, you see…

I feel like my life has just ripped apart

will you miss me like I will, after you depart?

No matter, if my world seems to me like a lie


Friends never say goodbye…

Friends never say goodbye


I mistook your pity actions

for actions done in love,

but you seemed so much like

the angel from heaven above,

I kept on saying I would be there for you,

but you said ” I have no use for you”,

but still when I think that you have to go,

I cant stop , tears are what I have to show

To me, you are still my life,

my soul, my only one

but now I know I have lost you,

nothing can be done

No matter, if all my hopes have chosen to die


Friends never say goodbye…

Friends never say goodbye


I dont blame you, Its not your fault

whatever damage I have been dealt,

I thought once, it was between us

But now I know, it was only me who felt,

I cant help it, please dont blame

I love you, even if it sounds lame,

I know, I cant be the one whom you sought,

And I shall not ask you give it a thought,

But feelings are like tides, some high and some low,

and I cant stop my pain, its bound to overflow

May God grant you all you desire

even if He takes success away from me,

May you shine like the burning fire

even if it keeps on burning me…

No matter, if it doesnt matter how hard I try


Friends never say goodbye…

Friends never say goodbye





I am Going On…

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 I am going on, raindrops wetting my head

 I am going on, as if tomorrow I am dead

 I am going on, I ain’t gonna stop till I am red

 I am going on, the passion has a hold on my head!!!


 Yesterday my mind was not on the path that I chose

 And today destiny has come over to take me, with a rose

 The thorns stung me, woke me up from my sleep

 I wanted to cry over it, but I have got no time to weep

 Time has been wasted too much, I dont wanna be such

 Victory is so addictive and losing is so not cool

 Trying to hide my weaknesses make me look like a fool

 So I am not gonna hide my flaws, gonna kill them

 There are empty spaces in my heart, gotta fill them


 I am going on, I must win

 I am going on, gotta kick some shin

 Going on, going on, going on!!!


 The way is clear and I am on it, but its too tough

 Time to show them all out there, time to be rough

 Aint gonna crawl no more, I have gotta fly

 I aint giving up without trying a try

 Whenever I recall my past, my throat goes wry

 But I have cried all I could, now my eyes are dry

 I cant go on crying all my life through

 And I am gonna do this, I am gonna show you

 (What I am made of)…


 I am going on, raindrops wetting my head

 I am going on, as if tomorrow I am dead

 I am going on, I ain’t gonna stop till I am red

 I am going on, the passion has a hold on my head!!!

Don’t Leave me

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Oh girl, do you know you are my dream?

Do you know how much I love you?

If my life is a cake, you are the cream…

My life is what I owe you…


You came to me, you stole my heart

I adore you, you’re like a diamond shard

You smiled at me, I lost myself…

you’re so good, I never want us to be apart!


You are as bright as the morning sun

You are as simple as the figure one

You are as deep as the vast sea

In your arms, is where I wanna be


You are so mysterious like the night

You can never be wrong, you’re always right

You are my ambition, my fate

I am here, dont say its too late!


You are as lovely as the flowers of an orchard

Without you, life would be so awkward

Accept me, oh my princess, hold me in your arms

You have all the elegance and all the charms!


As I grow to know you, you seem nicer

As I talk to you, you only seem wiser

You have the beauty and you have the brains

Oh, throw all your excuses down the drains


Come to me, forget all about the silly crowd

when I am with you, I feel so much proud

You are the one God created with care

To me you are my breath, my air


Dont take away from me my breath

Dont deprive me of those happy times

Dont leave…

Why Cry?

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When water comes up your eyes

and truth’s getting beaten by lies

And you start to feel sad, you start to cry

think again, why do you cry?


No one is going to listen to your crying

Only someone will see you trying

Whats the use of crying? Whats the need to cry?

Why run your pupils dry?


If you wanna cry, you are losing dude

It may sound cruel, it may be rude

But thats the truth, that ain’t funny

You may listen, it costs no money


Life is tough, it isnt easy

In their lives, everyone is busy

So, whats the use of wasing time?

Crying makes you look like slime


Show them all, what you got within

Quit that whinning, and start winning

Show them that they were wrong

Make them sing your song

and you will get along

and you will get along






Love breaks Hearts

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I look into her eyes

I get the same old feeling

Even the worst of her lies

to me, they seem appealing


When a smile flashes across her face

so full of sweetness and grace

I forget myself, just like before

and it pains so bad, down to the core


I gave her all the love I had

and she keeps making me sad

I dont know whats got into her

I’m dying, she doesnt bother


She says she has moved on

she has forgot my every emotion

And my pals say, just move on

she is not worthy of your devotion


But my heart, it says thats all

Without her, I cant stand tall

I tried to go mad at her, shout

But all I can do is cry and pout


I dont think she cares

But this thought itself scares

I never thought I would see this day

I never thought I’d come this way


But now that it has, I dont know what to do

all the love, the feelings seemed so true

for her, it was just a game

she thinks that I am lame


Oh, if its a mistake to fall in love

then I am mistaken,

But the God in heaven above

can see that I am shaken


Its the magic, a magic I cant fight

everything I do for her, seems so right

The pain is too much to bear

Her sweet voice is what I wanna hear


But I know, its all gone, she aint coming back

Its my mistake, or hers, its me who is slack

I was so taken aback

there is a large crack,

in my heart, a big hole

its just eating away my soul !!!!


Love breaks hearts, yes its true,

When it calls, there’s no way through

What to do, now I’m insane

But I live on, in all this pain…

Fallen Memories and Broken Vows

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Life is a twisting road full of mystery,

Everything that you leave behind is history;

Everyday you come across places,

and some not-so-familiar faces…

But before you can catch your ground,

You have to turn back and around

and go on, leaving no trail…

Cause you wont want to fail


Relations that dont last, or the ones which really do

none of them are yours ever, and its the only thing thats true

nothing is here to stay, not you, not me

theres too much to do and see

but we keep running, racing with time

pacing ahead till the last bit of sunshine

and at the end of the road, we realize

that the time we lost, wasnt worth this prize…


Fallen memories and broken vows,

forgotten friends and healed blows,

all shall come and all shall go

nothing will let your mind to throw

but you wont keep anything with yourself

all will be lost and nothing would be on the shelf…


Leaves of dreams will be blown by the storm of time,

sand of love will dissolve into the worldly tide…

sting of truth shall surpass all joy

and you would feel like you just lost Troy

But you will rise, and you will fall

get back up and conquer all

eventually your struggle would shatter

you would know victory and defeat dont matter


Love is the worst wound you can zeal

and its the best herb which can heal

carry it along on this lonely road

and make this hell your heavenly abode

True pals dont come easy to hand

making a lot of foes ain’t that grand

The path is clear, and its all yours…

Fallen memories and broken vows…

When God sent us down on the Earth

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A short poem, which emphasises on the growing division of the human race among themselves.


When God sent humans down on earth

he gave each one his own worth

When the mother gave her child birth

Each gave her child the same hearth*


But here, why so much diversity?

Why so much pain and adversity

the same child of God, is not treated the same

someone gets all the pride, and other all the shame


Humans as they grow, they change

Its nothing which may seem so strange

God created all of us with the same love

But he is there just to watch from above


The rich is killing the poor everyday

the beautiful are throwing the ugly away

the weak is being bossed on by the strong

Its not right, something has gone wrong!


He created one world, we created many

We made religions, he didnt make any

And now we fight over what we have made

We curse of what the foundation we have laid


This is the time, to make a change

Its within the reach, its within range

Its time that we not aim for the moon,

But do something to correct this soon

In our own earth, in our home…

When You Have A Friend

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When you stand against the odds,

When you defy the way the world nods,

It feels like being in the arms of the gods,

When you have a friend…


When you are sad and grim,

And your chances are slim,

You can pull out of the brim,

When you have a friend…


When the will to live in you is dead,

And your temper reaches red,

You can go happy into your bed,

When you have a friend…


When you lose the courage to fight

And victory gets out of your sight

You can always pull through the night

When you have a friend…


A friend is like a rhyme,

a friend can make you sing

A friend is a treasure for a lifetime,

unlike any money can bring


You know, money can sure buy you love

but a friend is from the heaven above

A friend does’nt take, he gives

he is like an angel, but he lives

The Wind

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What do you think the wind says

When it passes by and the tree sways

The wind gently pats the tree

And preaches that its all free


The wind makes the waves rise

From the oceans, it acts nice

It wakes them up from their sleep

From the surface and the deep


The wind goes from place to place

And carries its own great grace

The wind is the master of its will

It can zoom around, it can stay still


The wind does the work of nature

It pots plants and makes their stature

It carries off soil to far off ground

It makes the rain go around


The wind soothes the tired soul,

It makes the landscape whole,

And the wind goes on and on…

It never stops, its never gone…


ROCK ON : A Rockking movvieee

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Rating: 3.5/5

Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny, Purab Kohli, Prachi Desai, Shahana Goswami, Koel Purie

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Producer: Ritesh Sidwani and Farhan Akhtar (Excel Entertainment)

Music: Shankar Ehsaan and Loy

So, I watched ‘Rock on’, the new movie on the watch list. Well, it really had been long since I have watched a movie which wasnt so disappointing. In fact, this movie was quite good. Something which you can afford to watch more than once. It was good to watch a movie, for a change, and not the other people around after getting bored out of wits (which happens in most of the movies nowadays).

So, this is Mr. Director Farhan Akhtar’s debut as an actor and a singer. A good movie all in all and a great performance. For starters, he looked natural and didnt overact. According to what I think, he was natural in his voice act and fitted smoothly into the character. Arjun Rampal is as good as he can be. The other actors also did a pretty watchable job.

So, whats the story? The movie begins with the current stage, when Mr. Farhan Akhtar(AKA Aditya) is a married and successful investment banker. But he always seems lost in his work and rarely seems truly happy. Then, one day his wife finds a box in which she sees his old photographs sporting a rockstar look and a true smile.

She decides to give him a surprise Birthday party where she wants to invite these friends of his. She accidentally meets KD(Purab Kohli) who is the son of a jwellery showroom owner and finds out that he was the lead vocalist of a band called MAGIK which had 4 members. She asks all of them to come to their home, everyone comes except Joe(Arjun Rampal), who was their guitarist.

The reason of Joe and Aditya’s feud is that they(the band) had won a contract with Channel V for a music album, but they had to remove a ballad composed by Joe to sign the contract and after the signing the total focus of the music video was on Aditya. This caused Joe to lose temper and fight with the director and Aditya and he left the band never to come back.

His wife started working in the family fish business and he couldnt find work anywhere as he didnt want to do petty music jobs. Thus, they are in deep financial crisis. But, finally, after Aditya’s wife left the house due to his attitude, he decides to reform MAGIK. Knowing that his wife would not approve of this, Joe decides to secretly meet up with the band members and they again take part in the contest.

At this point their keyboard player Rob(Luke Kenny) is found to be suffering with cancer and he wants to do this show before his death. Joe’s wife finds a job for him on a cruise and he is off on his way to the docks, when he hears the band performing without him and the song they sing is the same ballad that he had composed. He decides to bet it all and he leaves for the concert. They perform one song after the other and win the contest.

After this, Rob dies, Aditya names his son Rob and they keep getting together to do shows and keep the MAGIK alive…

A very obvious storyline, but well presented. There were no twists and turns, and no surprises, but who wants them when you can create a wonderful MAGIK without them?? The songs are well sung and well composed and the fun is brought out in the tracks. The ballad is a great touchy song, the title track is very gen X trademark and the actors connect to the audience.

So, ROCK ON definitely rocks on… And it is a movie you can watch without repenting it later.

IIIT DELHI : Where I am

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In India, in the engineering society of students, there is one MECCA – The IITs. Every non-medical science student dreams of getting into one of them, thats their ultimate goal and they scarifice everything to study hard and secure a seat in these prestigious institutes which are always regarded as the best in engineering in India. Those who make it are called IITians, a different breed of humans, who are GOD like among science students.

But well, whats the big deal with being an IITian? You have to toil hard to get in there, and once you are there, you have to rub your noses even more with the books just to pass. Whats the use of wasting 6 years of your life in such a feat when better options are available. Better. Yes, you read it right. For those students who wish to do Computer Science, IIIT is a better choice. IIIT is now becoming a recognised brand and even IITians acknowledge that its ‘growth’ is significantly higher than the IITs. So, what is the reason? The most intelligent of students are there in IITs, then why does IIIT get to do so good? Its because, computer science doesnt require physics, and chemistry or co-ordiante geometry, and such things which are the basis of JEE. Most brilliant of minds in the field of computer sciences will be greats in logic and innovative approach but not so great in these topics.

Therefore, the IITs are losing out on pure talent by relying on such tests. And so are other institutes. Even after clearing the JEE, the students have to study useless subjects which are based on physics and chemistry. This fact is loathed by professors and students, but there is nothing to be done as the mechanism doesnt allow the first year course to be specialised. But in IIITs, there is no need as there are no core branches like civil or mechanical which impose physics and chemistry studies onto computer science students, hence allowing them to be specially trained and honed in their field. This is the sole reason that the IIITs despite being marked as incomplete engineering institutes, have done incredibly well for newly found institutes and their placements are at par with IITs.

Also, there is no restricition or regulation on the faculty that IIITs want to hire, whereas the IITs are asked to implement quotas to hire sub standard professors. Everyone can guess where the IITs are heading to. And with an IIT now created in almost every part of the country, the hype will vanish in the coming years. The IIITs, are still young institutes and it depends a lot on how it shapes up, but many believe that they will set a new standard for Indian technology institutes. So what if IIITians dont yet get the GOD like treatment, but they know that they are better off than their IIT counterparts. Ask them if they would swap their seats for IIT and ask the reply.

On the lines of the tremendously rated and successful IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Delhi has started from this year in the capital city of India, and it amis to achieve higher ratings than the already prestigious IIIT-H. Even though the institute is new, and its still to have its own campus, the curriculum speaks for itself. Add to that a very experienced and knowledgable director in Sir Pankaj Jalote(A Microsoft Chair in IIT Delhi), and we have a winning combination right from year1. A very upto the point syllabus insures quality over quantity and the students dont have to die studying, instead they will enjoy what they are doing, and learn more. It will ensure that the graduates are industry ready.

This was an unbiased and logical view that I have on IIIT. So, we will hope and believe that we can set a standard for IIIT Delhi and be the proud first batch to pass out from it…

So it begins here

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Hello everyone,

This is my first ever blog and my first ever post. I am taking to this just instinctively or rather instantly as I would like to put it. Well, I was just reading a blog(for the first time as well) and I thought I can also try it out for a while and see how I fare at it.. So here it is, the very first GG blog. So here, I will post on a variety of topics, ranging from pure fun, to jerk talk, to philosophical pieces, to love songs and the current affairs in my life. Lets see how this goes.

A Leap of Faith

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To motivate all those who are waiting for the right moment or are too afraid to confess their crush, liking or love to that special someone in their lives.


When things are the way we like, we feel that’s how it’ll always be

It takes some time to realize, in life things work differently

A morning sun soon goes down, and the night sky takes its place

No matter how hard you may frown, someday wrinkles will mark ur face

Time doesn’t wait for anyone buddy, then why do u wait for it to pass?

Any moment your life can get bloody, all good times are made of glass

So take the first step soon to your love, before you slowly drift out of range,

If you really think it’s a match made above, then why be scared, isn’t it strange?

Just tell your heart, it’ll be fine, take a leap of faith in space

When it’s done, celebrate with wine my wishes are with you always…

An interesting Post From a Fellow IIITDian

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I got an anonymous email and thought I should consider his request, since he considered my blog. Plain and simple enough. So here is the content of that email :


There’s something I want to share with everyone, and I think your blog would be
the bgest place to share it. Can you please post this on your blog?

This is just an IIIT-Delhi student here, trying to get heard, seen and
understood. What I am going to say here is what I feel about the current system
in our institute, while I respect the hard work culture and the never ending
deadline fest kind of feeling, there is one thing which I can’t really come to
appreciate no matter how hard I tried, and hence this piece. The matter in
question is of the CGPA limits in place for various activities, which have
started since the election of the first student representatives for various
Now I will elaborate on why I feel that this is not a good practice and
something must be done about it. The CGPA requirement for the student
representative was kept at 8.0. Now what this implies is that the student
representative who is supposed to be the voice of the students of the batch must
be someone who belongs to the higher CGPA group of students. I hate to admit it
but there has been a divide in the high CGPA and the low CGPA students, not
something very concrete but you can sense it in the air. When someone to
represent the students is chosen why it should be only from one group of
students, I thought the entire batch had to be represented by these people.  I
don’t support this divide myself, and would try to bridge this gap but only if
it had been that easy. Similar is the case with all other representatives. What
relation does CGPA have to a person who is interested and capable in leading the
sport activities, or music activities? Are all the opportunities to develop
management and leadership skills being given only to the people good at getting
grades? Currently it does seem like that to many people, it’s just that few come
up with the guts to actually express their opinion. As I write this post, many
people stand in my silent support and agreement. Maybe some from the 8+ group
also agree on this point.

It’s a question I wish to raise to all the people
involved in the IIIT-Delhi decision making team. Is this the right thing to
promote and stand by? Kindly consider the plea if you get this message.

The new age Stunt Man in IIITD

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There are two types of stunt persons in this world. First, those who do it for a living, they come to the industry looking to be actors but when they don’t get the chance they do the next best thing, and do the stunts for them. And there is the second type, those who do it for fun, for Guinness world records, or in game shows. They want to get rid of their fear, or earn money and fame at the same time. But wait, I was never good at math, and it seems that I miscounted the categories. There is a third category, those who do stunts unintentionally. And even if they do them intentionally they turn out to be disasters. One such stunt person is my close friend Sandy.

The story of Sandy is not too old. He is still here, yeah right, some people just have more endurance than others and no matter how much people may whine about it, these people just keep coming back, coz they don’t know when to quit. So, this guy, has tried a lot of stunts, and he has come alive out of them all. From jumping from 10 story high buildings, to crawling through underwater tunnels, he has been there done that and he still walks. Surprised? Okay, I give up. It’s not in my good fortune to know such a person in person, so this person who I am talking about is a pretty normal person, and his stunts are pretty normal but the way he pulls them off and the way he is pulled off are not normal.

He is a fan of Akshay Kumar, yeah the same guy who fights sharks underwater one day, and is scared of accompanying his kid on the Merry Go Round the other, and he never backs out from a challenge. So when he had to impress his one sided love partner ********* (don’t wanna embarrass her unnecessarily by taking her name…. well, who am I kidding, I don’t remember her name anyways), he did not back out from jumping straight down skipping around 8-9 stairs. The stunt was on, and he was game. But his loose footwear didn’t play game that day, and his foot, well, it surrendered its holds and all pain broke loose on our hero, Sandy the Daredevil. If you want a glimpse of how he felt at the moment, here is a link to a YouTube video which will tell the story:


But let’s have some respect for the guy, even after all this, does he learn from his mistakes and give up on craziness?? No, coz that would be so uncool, right. So what does he do, he comes around in a week and vows to do the same thing again and he does it. What else does he do, well, to make a long story short (or rather let’s say I can’t recall other incidents right now, which is what happens when you are in a lot of mental stress) what he did today was a new unintentional stunt. Rocking his chair from side to side, he did a very beautiful self-destruction right from the chair onto the ground, FLAT. In a matter of mere seconds, his world was turned upside down, the impact could have been much worse If there was more audience available to watch the show but well we can’t help circumstances can we?

So, let’s end it here and hope it’s taken in good humor. I mean there is a limit to the humor of a person who hasn’t been in peace for the past year or something.

Azz’s Road to Fame

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People don’t realize themselves while doing something that where it is going to take them. Sometimes, we do great things unknowingly and unintentionally, purely out of boredom, coincidence or void. But these actions turn out to be far more far-fetched in consequences than the doer ever thought about. It has been said, you can never find your destiny, destiny will just bump into you on some corner in your life.

My friend Azz would never have thought that his way of finding relief in anxiety before the OS mid semester exam, in form of changing the lyrics of a popular Reshamiyya song will be his ticket to fame. One search, that’s all it took for our professor to bump into the “creation” which was just a product of 10 minute thinking of a sleepy mind, and the guy becomes famous. The entire batch now knows who Azz is, and the first thing they can say is “OS KI KASHISH”. The guy is supposed to sing the song in front of the whole batch in the next OS class, what an unexpected turn of events indeed.

And guess what, his post made the blog famous as well, my max hits on the day this was out. Cool. I like it; maybe it’s high time I ask him to compile a dozen more for the blog. So, all those who liked the composition, keep checking back coz you just mind find a PS/AP/CR/TR ka SUROOR song next. Lol

Aap Ki kashish By Himesh Reshammiya TypeCast into OS By Azz

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Don’t read as a poem, it’s a song, so remember the tone of the song while reading this

Better yet, sing it in your head!!!


Disclaimer : If you can’ t take a good parody, then don’t proceed. LOL


(os ki kashish sarfarosh hai

os ka nasha yu madhosh hai

kya kahe ye course karke jaane ja

gum hua hosh hai..-2) – 2

os ki kashish sarfarosh hai


bariaaya threads ka

process jo chal gaya

pagal main hua

system bhi mar gaya

halka dhuan utha

processor jal gaya

roshan hua sama

monitor jal gaya

jaaga re jaaga re main khoya

os ki kitaab me dimaag duboya

ab mera jahan

os ki aagosh hai

os ka nasha yu madhosh hai

kya kahe ye course leke jaane ja

gum hua hosh hai..-2


duba rahu sada os ki kitaab me

uljha rahu sada coding me sawaal me

number ke bina ab na karaar hai

jaaneman number to neend bhi nisaar hai

jaana re jaana re maine jaana

mere bas ka nahi hai ye course paas kar pana

na meri khata na google ka dosh hai

os ka nasha yu madhosh hai

kyakahe ye course leke jaane jaa

gum hua hosh hai

os ki kashish sarfarosh hai

os ka nasha yu madhosh hai

kya kahe ye course karke jaane ja

gum hua hosh hai..-2

In a Relationship

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Things don’t go right always in a relationship and as we progress further we ought to know that nobody’s perfect. That’s why stuff which shouldn’t happen does happen sometimes but it’s the strength of love that mends things back into the way they should be. This is a love letter or rather a makeup letter written in rhyme to make it sound more special. Maybe you can use it someday, do so without hesitation.


Sometimes on a date, we frown, fickle and fight,

But deep down inside, it doesn’t feel so right

I said something to you, and you began to cry

But why don’t you know that no matter how hard I try

You know that when you’re like this, I feel high and dry

You are my partner, without you, my life’s a lie

Beside you, I walk, that’s when I am myself

All the other times I am just a tome on the shelf

One smile from you can make my day,

And one harsh word can make me lose my way

You mean so much, and yet you misunderstand

My love is true, even though it’s not that grand

Words cannot explain, so I chose not to speak,

But I guess my efforts to let you know were too weak

I ask myself, why can’t you see it in my eyes?

Unlike the heart, the tongue can speak lies

When I hold your hand, it’s not just for the warmth I feel,

It’s more for the sake of the love I wish to reveal

It’s not me but you who chose to conceal

The feelings hidden deep inside, the forgotten zeal

I won’t give up on you, not on our love just yet

Just as the sun keeps shining even when it’s set

Our love may face its downs but it will recover soon

Us being together is like a heaven sent boon

So don’t worry my lady love, its okay now

Everything will be fine, don’t wonder how

This is the way it has been all these years

There really doesn’t exist a need for having fears

One more day will come, one after the other

This may not be the only cold shudder

But others will pass away just like this

And life will once again be a joyous bliss

Just be with me forever, my princess my dear

I will always keep you with me, all the more near

I love you, my dear, with all my heart

And I promise to you, we won’t be apart


Coz I love you

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This is a song, but alas, without the music and the rhythm, for a reader it’s just a poem…

But never mind, maybe you can fit some lines for a love letter or something, I don’t mind and I don’t need credits…


I like the time of the day, when I am with you

I like the time of the night, when I dream of you

I like the sights of this world, which you like to see

I like the places, where you would like to be


It’s your love that keeps me going,

It’s your love that keeps me strong

Sometimes I don’t know what I am doing

Thinking about you hours and hours long


Coz I love you,

I love you,

I love you…


I love the moments of life, which I share with you

I love the lessons of life, which I learn from you

I love the seasons of the year, when you are close to me

I love this feeling, which makes me go weak in the knee


It’s your love, that keeps me happy,

It’s your love that makes me alive

Sometimes life can be a little shabby

But since you love me, I can survive


Coz I love you,

I love you,

I love you oh my love

More than I can ever explain